“HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” letters aluminum foil balloon


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Global 16 inches Colour Gold and Silver “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” letters aluminum foil balloon


Product Description

product name :”HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” letters aluminum foil balloon set

Colour: Gold and Silver

specifications : 40cm high

Material: high-quality aluminum foil balloon

: 1. The material is aluminum film, the ball has a metallic luster, uniform color, and is beautiful as a ball. 2 can be used repeatedly, inflatable convenience, do not use a throw away oh!

Special note:(1) the aluminum gu balloon must be slowly inflated, can be used to fill up to 90%, and then blow with a straw, easy to control the amount of air.So as not to break it. If there are two layers of aluminum film sticky, be sure to stop aeration, gently open the two layers of aluminum film with your hands and then aerate, otherwise it is easy to damage.(2) sharp objects, dirty ground, direct sunlight and excessive extrusion are easy to damage the sphere and burst(3) due to the heat expansion and cold contraction of the gas, in winter or when the temperature drops, the aluminum film balloon should be properly inflated; In summer or when the temperature rises, the aluminum balloon should be properly deflated to avoid bursting

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Golden, silver


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